What is an essential oil?


An essential oil is referred to as the “life blood” of the plant. It is an aromatic, volatile liquid within plant parts such as branches, fruits, shrubs, bark, needles, flowers, roots, bushes and seeds.  


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How essential oils work:


When applied topically, essential oils can penetrate the skin and travel throughout the entire body within minutes because they have a complex lipid-soluble structure similar to the cells in our bodies and the molecules of essential oils are extremely small.


Essential oils have a powerful effect on our mind, body and emotional state when aromatic molecules are inhaled. Our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that transmits impulses to a part of our brain called the limbic system. In the limbic lobe of the brain lies the amygdala, referred to as ‘the seat of our emotions’ since anxiety, fear, anger, depression and joy originate here.  Smelling a fragrance can unconsciously trigger past memories and emotions. The aromatic use of essential oils activates another area of the brain the hypothalamus which regulates our hormones. Diffusing essential oils like peppermint stimulate the hypothalamus in a way that makes us feel satiated or full after a meal, helping with weight loss. 

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